Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will try to address the most common questions and concerns that you the public may have regarding mosquito control in WBR Parish. If your question or concern is not addressed here you can call our office and speak with our mosquito control supervisor Wayne Kent, or our mosquito specialist George Bragg. For even more commonly asked questions and answers check out this excellent article from the AMCA:

Are the chemicals you use hazardous to humans, pets, and plants?

No, not when applied in a correct manner. The chemicals we use here at WBR Mosquito Control are approved by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry for the control of insect pest. These chemicals can however be harmful to some species of fish such as koi and goldfish. For more information contact our department and ask to speak with our mosquito control supervisor Wayne Kent or our mosquito specialist George Bragg.


One of your trucks just drove by with the lights on but with no spray coming from the truck. Was he supposed to be spraying?

Our drivers are instructed that when spraying dead-end streets they are to go to the end of the street and spray going outso as to avoid driving through the spray. This has the added bonus of alerting people standing outside that their street is about to be treated.


I have a large canal or ditch near my home.Is this the source of my mosquito problems?

In most cases large canals and ditches are not prime habitat for prolific mosquito breeding. The main reason is that these canals or ditches usually contain large and varied natural predator populations (such as fish, dragonfly larvae, etc. ) that act to control mosquito breeding. Most mosquito breeding problems around a residence are caused by standing water or containers that have not been emptied or treated.


There is standing water on my property, can it be breeding mosquitoes?

The answer is yes and no. Standing water around the home can be a major mosquito breeding ground if it stays around long enough, usually about 4 days or more. During warm weather the mosquito's life cycle ( from egg to adult ) can take anywhere from 3-10 days, depending on temperature and species. So if rainwater pools in your yard and then is gone in 2-3 days it is usually not a mosquito problem. If the standing water stays around longer it will be a mosquito problem. If getting rid of these standing water areas is not an option you may want to consider the purchase of some home use mosquito larvicide. These products often come in the form of donuts or pellets that you would apply to the standing water on your property,you can usually find these products at your local hardware store or home improvement center.When applying any chemical around your home always read and follow manufacturers directions.